White Tailed Hawk – Austin

Name: Austin – Male

Species: White-Tailed Hawk

Liberty Arrival: Fall 2020/Adult

Injury/Condition: Left wing amputee

Austin was transferred to Liberty Wildlife from a clinic in Brownsville, Texas, to provide him a permanent home at Liberty Wildlife as a member of the education team.

White-Tailed Hawk Facts: 

Widespread in Central and South America with limited range in U.S., this hawk is usually found in open grassy areas or agricultural fields with scattered bushes. It is commonly found on the coastal prairie of Texas.

Life span: The average life span is 12 – 15 years.

Prey: White-tailed hawks have quite a varied diet. They are known to eat rats, mice, pocket gophers, rabbits, birds, snakes, lizards, frogs, crayfish, crabs, insects. They will sometimes feed on carrion.

Babies/Nests: Nests are usually built on top of low trees or shrubs and is a bulky platform of sticks, grasses, and weeds. The female will lay 2 or 3 eggs and incubation lasts 29 – 32 days. The young fledge at about 46 to 55 days after hatching.