Thank you for supporting Liberty Wildlife!

Your gift to support the orphaned animals in our care at Liberty Wildlife has led to many success stories. We want to share just a few of the recent releases from this spring’s “graduates.”

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  1. Sherrie Murasky
    Sherrie Murasky says:

    This is the reward… Seeing these beautiful creatures free again to live out their lives as intended in nature. Strong and healthy. THANK YOU LIBERTY for all you do. It’s worth every minute of your time and energy and it makes us as humans more empowered and free as well.

  2. M J Jones
    M J Jones says:

    I have taken several birds to you… lost baby quail, a couple of nestless baby doves, a baby sparrow, and 2 adolescent RAVANS (could not fly) stuck in the park where dogs are walked (on and OFF leash).
    I also have delivered multiple injured or infant baby bunnies that neighbor pets bring home. Thank
    you for the facility that accepts them … I always know they are helped and cared for! I always feel my donations are put to EXCELLENT use, and that your facility actually works miracles for these
    birds and animals.


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