Red Tailed Hawk – Barbosa

Name: Barbosa – Male

Species: Red-Tailed Hawk

Liberty Arrival: 2023 / Juvenile

Injury/Condition: Severe head trauma

Barbosa was found on a roadside and arrived lethargic, with clear signs of head trauma and damage to his right eye. Over time, the damage to his eye worsened, making him blind on his right side. Although he can fly, he flies in circles, and continues to show signs of delayed reactions to the world around him. Unable to fly in a straight line likely due to his head trauma, Barbosa is non-releasable.

Barbosa is named for the fictional pirate Hector Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Red-Tailed Hawk Facts

Description: The red-tailed hawk is one of the most common and widespread soaring hawks (Buteos) found throughout North and Central America, and the Caribbean Islands except extreme Northern Canada. This hawk is the most common hawk found throughout Arizona.

Life span: Red-tailed hawks are relatively long-lived birds. While many live less than two years, those that survive the first few years can live 12 to 16 years. The oldest known wild red-tailed hawk lived to at least 21.5 years old. In captivity, red-tailed hawks have lived for at least 29.5 years.

Prey: The red-tailed hawk is an important raptor in controlling rodent populations. Typical food includes small to medium-sized mammals such as rodents, cottontails, and jackrabbits. It will also eat birds and reptiles.

Babies/Nests: They build bulky stick nests in tall trees, poles or on ledges. The nests are often lined with soft material. The female usually lays 2 to 3 eggs. Incubation lasts between 28 and 32 days.

Halcón Cola Roja – Barbosa

Nombre: Arya – Hombre

Especie: Halcón Cola Roja

Llegada a Liberty: 


Datos del Halcón Cola Roja

Descripción: El halcón cola roja es uno de los halcones mas comunes y de ocupación mas amplia encontrados por el Norte y Central América, y las islas Caribes excepto muy Norte de Canadá. Este halcón es el mas común encontrado por todas partes de Arizona.

Duración de vida: El halcón cola roja viven vidas relativamente largas. Mientras muchos viven menos de dos años, los que sobreviven sus primeros años pueden vivir hasta 12 a 16 años. El halcón cola roja salvaje mas viejo vivió al menos 21.5 años. En cautiverio, los halcones cola roja han vivido hasta los 29.5 años.

Presa: El halcón cola roja es un ave de rapiña importante porque controla la populación roedora. Comida típica incluye mamíferos de tamaño pequeño a mediano como los roedores, conejos de cola de algodón, y liebres. También come pájaros y reptiles.

Nidos: Construyen sus nidos de palos en arboles altos, postes, o en repisas. Los nidos son alineados con materiales suaves.

Crías: La hembra pone 2 a 3 huevos. Incubación dure entre 28 a 32 días.