Liberty Wildlife Superhero Membership Guide

The Liberty Wildlife Superhero Program is for young people 6 – 12 years of age.

There will be monthly meetings for Superhero members and adults. Each meeting will include these activities:

  • During the meeting members will be introduced to one of Liberty Wildlife’s Educational Ambassadors and will learn about their Creature Superpowers.
  • Members will be asked to share what exciting activities they worked on that month and can bring things to show everyone or tell the group about what they did.
  • At least one activity will be planned to allow superhero members to help at Liberty Wildlife.

Each month a new subject with new activities will be published in Kid Stuff/Nature News. Our first subject will be “Vulture Culture:  Be part of a cool cleanup crew!”

Activities span a range of age levels allowing members to choose any activity of interest. Parental/adult guidance is encouraged. Points, recognition, and prizes will be awarded based on the number of activities accomplished. Here’s a general outline of recognition:

  • Superheroes completing 3 or more activities per subject will earn 5 points, a superhero animal sticker, and an award certificate.
  • Superheroes that have accumulated 10 or more points from 2 different subjects will get a superhero animal sticker, an award certificate, and a prize.
  • Superheroes having a total of 15 or more points from 3 different subjects will get another superhero animal sticker, an award certificate, a prize, and their accomplishments or something they made, and their picture and/or project will be featured in Nature News “Kid Stuff”.
  • Super-Superheroes accumulating 20 or more points from 4 or more different subjects will have all the above plus will display their projects for a day at Liberty Wildlife during public hours. They will also be able to spend a day at Liberty Wildlife with members of the Teen Club.

Any Superhero going beyond these program levels will be named “Powerful Superhero” and made an Honorary Superhero Liberty Wildlife Volunteer complete with an Honorary Superhero Badge. There will also be a Powerful Superhero Table to display their nature journal and their many projects on a day when Liberty Wildlife is open, as well as a free entry pass one day to Liberty Wildlife during public hours for the Powerful Superhero and family. Their attainment to “Powerful Superhero” status will be featured in Nature News “Kid Stuff”!

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